Introducing our stunning Red GettaBetta™ fish, a captivating aquatic marvel that brings vibrant elegance to any aquarium. With its gracefully flowing, crimson fins resembling delicate silk, this Betta is a true embodiment of beauty in motion. The rich red hue of its tail creates a mesmerizing display, making it a focal point in your aquatic haven. Known for their unique personality, these GettaBetta™ fish are low-maintenance and thrive in a variety of tank setups. Elevate your aquatic experience with the exquisite Red GettaBetta™– where elegance meets underwater charm.

The Red GettaBetta™ is the perfect addition to your family.  Brought to you by GettaBetta™, Red GettaBettas™ offer a great Betta Adoption experience and are sure to bring endless joy to your home.

Shipping Policy for GettaBetta ™ Live Betta Fish: 

1. **Processing Time:**

   - Allow up to 2
weeks for order processing. 

2. **Delivery Time:**

   - Expect
delivery within 2 weeks after processing. 

3. **Live Fish Guarantee:**

   - Customers must
notify us within 90 minutes of receiving the fish.

   - Notification
should include pictures of the unopened bag. 

4. **Refund Process:**

   - Refunds will
be processed after verification of the notification and pictures.

   - Refunds cover
the cost of the live fish replacement. 

5. **Conditions for Refund:**

   - Fish must not
be removed from the original packaging.

   - Notification
and pictures must be clear and submitted within the specified timeframe. 

6. **Exclusions:**

   - Refunds will
not be issued if conditions are not met.

   - Customers are
responsible for any errors in delivery information provided. 

7. **Contact Information:**

   - Customers can
reach out to [Your Customer Support Email/Number] for refund inquiries. 

8. **Disclaimer:**

   - We strive to
ensure the health and well-being of our betta fish during transit, but factors
beyond our control may impact the fish. We appreciate your understanding. 

This policy aims to provide clarity and a fair process
for customers while maintaining the well-being of the live betta fish during
the shipping process.

Red betta fishRed and blue betta fish swimming

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